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A 2D Action Role-Playing Game

A game of corruption, betrayal, and adventure by Drew Bushnell.

What is Adeona?

Adeona is a 2D action role-playing game being developed by Box Attack Studios. The game pays homage to the 8 bit and 16 bit era while telling a story of tribalism, corruption, and ignorance in a primitive world. In the game, you play as Amber, a young orphan, who's on a quest to rescue her brother from the Gods of the land. Along the way, she discovers more about the tribes she visits, the monsters she fights, the world she lives in, and the person she becomes.

Core Gameplay

Adeona follows the game-play of an action role-playing game where the player has to survive a series of dungeons, enemies, bosses and puzzles in order to fight their way to the “Gods”. Besides the basic slasher-style sword attack, the player will also be able to utilize arrows, bombs, and a dash attack to make their way through hordes of minions and bosses. In between each dungeon, is a different village where players can talk to NPC’s and discover more about the background of the post apocalyptic world they live in.


The game will be set in a primitive world, centuries after a huge disease had decimated humanity. The disease had initially sent the remaining humans into hiding, only to return and reform civilization with the help of the Gods. The people of this land, Arkadia, have been split into 5 different warring tribes: Noctua, Ferox, Leifield, Nil Garden, and Marmis.

Game Release info

A demo for Adeona is planned to be released on PC, Mac, and Linux during Q4 of 2019 for a planned kickstarter.  We aim to generate $10K in order to build the full and game and release it for $4.99 on platforms such as Steam Direct, Itch.io, and GOG.com.

Want to Test the Game?

We are currently looking for a wide array of alpha and beta testers to help us find and fix bugs while we are building the game. Our current alpha is avaliable on itch.io but it is currently just the arena mode (fighting monsters on one stage). If you are interesting in breaking our game and raining issues onto our poor developer contact us at the page or projectrazorsedge@gmail.com. Thanks!

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