Here are multiple gifs and screenshots of the Alpha version of Adeona. Here you can see the progression of our development of the Indie RPG and how it improves as we add more features. We also have character concept art and description below that tell more about the world of Adeona.

Alpha Screenshots

Noctuan Village Interiors
Adeona Bee Enemy
Big Slime Enemy
Noctuan Village Marketplace
Spikes in Adeona
Amber's Shield Ability
Fire breathing Snoke
Amber Clone
Slimes in Adeona
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Concept Art


For the majority of her life, Amber lived in the woods by the edge of Noctua with her brother, Ash. Living in a peaceful village like Noctua kept her distant from the chaos of the surrounding tribes. Most of her time was spent hunting with her brother and stealing books from the Noctuan library to read at night. The only thing she knows about her parents is the quick statements her brother had told her. “They died on a diplomatic mission from a foreign land.” She is the main character of Adeona.


At a young age Ash had to quickly learn how to adapt and use his charisma to his advantage. At the age of 6, he found himself without parents, away from home, and becoming a guardian to Amber. He learned to be outgoing and convince the people of Noctua to allow them to live on the outskirts on the town. Although the people of Noctua hated outsiders, his difference and mystery origin kept them curious enough to deal with him and his small sister.


Heckel was born in The Nil Garden, an oasis in the desert turned criminal slum. With hunger and anarchy as the norms, Heckel had to find a way to make a living, and turned to schemes and smooth talking to find a spot in the Nil Garden’s largest gang, The Coalition. But after years of committing crimes, Heckel grew tired of the lifestyle and decided to leave the gang and try to start a new life in Noctua. Now he just wants to do the right thing, and make up for his past.

Iron (Lev)

Iron, an only child, was born in the Ferox Tribe but did not grow up there. His parents didn’t want him to grow up like the other members so they took him around to all of the different tribes to culture him about the world they live in. Iron now goes by Lev leaving his Ferox life behind. He works for the Coalition in the Nil Garden and is visiting Noctua on a diplomatic mission.


Anha is the recurring merchant in the game that sells you health, bombs, arrows, powder and so on. Anha was born in Marmis. Her father died in a forge accident soon after she was born. Her mother, injured in the accident and reduced to clean up crew, was soon sacrificed due to her injuries. She became a merchant due to her brother teaching her how to sail, and now travels from village to village.

Noctuan Citizens

Noctuan Nobles

Noctuan Scholars


Ferox Citizens

Ferox Elder Female

Ferox Elder Male

Ferox Female Guard

Ferox Male Guard

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Slimes in Adeona