Adeona Website Goes Live!

About two years ago, I had a goal and a dream to begin creating games on the computer. Like many independent developer, I began my journey through learning Unity Game Engine and long hours on YouTube and Lynda. After successfully building a couple of simple games and clones to build my experience, I am excited to officially announce the development and website launch of my own indie game: Adeona. I am excited for the challenges and opportunities that developing this Action RPG will bring and I hope this Dev Blog will serve as a helpful guide to other developers who may aim to create their own similar games on Unity.

In the months that come with the development of Adeona, regular information about progress with code, design, story, and audio will be released on this blog. I also hope to keep in contact with anyone who may have questions regarding the game or development and will try to keep up with those who comment or post on the site. I have greatly benefited from the Unity game development community and hope I can give back as well to other beginner developers.

I am excited for what is to come and look forward to building the world of Adeona.

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