Adeona returns to the fray!

It's been a long time since we've posted on our website or even updated anything in terms of PR, and I apologize for that! Once you begin working on a game you don't realize how much time development takes up in order to make actual progress and to actually finish your game. But these 9 months of silence have not been spent without progress towards Adeona. We've made huge strives and we're close to the end of Alpha. With only a few features left and the beginning of the creation of the demo maps, I am beginning to have more free time to focus my efforts into social media and showing off our project to the public! I plan to make weekly postings to our devlog and to the facebook page so we can begin to showcase the work our team has made over the past 9 months. For now I will keep this post short, but look through our website as I will post new screenshots and updated information on the kickstarter.

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